Published March 10, 2017

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It’s a compliment when other professional genealogists come to you for advice … especially when you’re able to answer the question!

Rich Venezia, one of the very best genealogists for Italian research, occasionally come to me (virtually) for advice on records written in German cursive script that he encounters in client searches.

Such was the case recently when he asked for help on a baptismal record from the Protestant church of Salach (in modern-day Baden-Württemberg, Germany).

Rich wanted me to look at an entry and weigh in on the child’s name. “The Family Search index says child is unnamed, but it seems like there’s a name there.”

Well, indeed there was a name, but it was “Anonyma” – a Latin word ordinarily used in church records to denote a stillborn daughter. Upon closer examination, I realized that the records showed twin daughters – one stillborn, the other who lived but an hour.

Greeted with this news, Rich wrote: “This follows the family tradition exactly!”

Rich trades as Rich Roots Genealogy and is available for lecturing as well as research.

1 Comment

  1. Valerie

    1 year ago  

    Good job Jim! And I thought I won the Sherlock Holmes award for decoding “Etus” (Edith) and “drug (truck) farming”!