Published June 3, 2017

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Stephen C. “Steve” Young, left, and your “Roots & Branches” columnist at the recent NGS Conference in Raleigh, NC

A couple of weeks ago I made note of the good synergy that often happens at genealogical conferences.

One of the best of those types of things happened more than a decade ago when I met Stephen C. “Steve” Young at a Federation of Genealogical Societies conference (As is obligatory in anything mentioning Steve: No, he’s not “that” Steve Young the football quarterback … but he was at Brigham Young University at the same time as the retired Hall of Famer).

Instead, Steve has spent a career “in the trenches” for FamilySearch – and coming off the bench to quarterback one of first big genealogical indexing projects (the 1881 British census) to a positive conclusion.

He also made sure more lives weren’t lost during the 1999 incident at the Family History Library in Salt Lake by helping get patrons out of harm’s way when a shooter entered the building.

Steve has been a project manager as FamilySearch continues to digitize more of the world’s records … and is a part of the FamilySearch team at national conferences.

My friendship with him has been enriched by lunches and dinners over the years, including his wife Michelle and my girlfriend Terri.

We had articles published in the same issue of the scholarly journal, The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine. and  there’ll at least one newspaper nugget Steve dug up in my upcoming guide to historical newspapers.

Genealogy conferences lead to great friendships!