Published September 14, 2017

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With Ted Kinnari, left, the inventor of cemetery cleaner D/2, at the recent FGS conference in Pittsburgh.

A number of years ago, I received an e-mail from Ted Kinnari about a cleaning solution that did a great job of taking crud off tombstones without harming them. He was nice enough to send me some samples, with I used on an ancestor’s blackened memorial.

After letting the D/2 do its job – it works with rainwater and snowfall to keep cleaning a stone for years – I showed the Bern Cemetery Company board (on which I sit) the results and they decided we should D/2 all the marble stones on our historic old graveyard.

Volunteering to spray the stones was my girlfriend, Terri J. Bridgwater, who became so enthusiastic about it that she became a representative for the product.

In the central Pennsylvania area, contact Terri, an independent representative of, at 717-877-9681 or for a free D/2 presentation and demonstration.

She also offers free delivery of the product in Central PA through November 15, 2017.  Or, if you’re located near Telford, PA,  contact Limeworks directly at  (215) 536-6706.  and use the promotional code “Stone-Bright.”

More information about D/2 can be found at the URL